Swing Through the AIR with the Greatest of Ease at AIR Aerial Fitness!

I can say without hesitation that this class was a fantastic workout. I felt strong, sexy, and a little bit like a circus star while dangling from the silks. AIR Aerial Fitness is such an unusual (and super challenging) workout! I was having such a blast twirling around that I barely noticed how hard I was working until it was over- and I was spent!

Ever since I saw the circus-themed Hard Times play back in October, I’ve been thinking about aerial silks. Watching the character floating around up there, looking so elegant and ethereal, it seemed like such a peaceful escape! I’d taken an intro class at AIR Aerial Fitness ages ago, and I was finally ready to learn a bit more.

At The Lincoln Park location, the class is broken into a couple segments. The first ten minutes are spent warming up. Because this class is so much about stretching and strengthening at the same time, its really important that your muscles are warm before you begin. Then the instructor Sarah quickly reviewed the foundational moves (all of us had already been through AIR Foundation). She was great at correcting our form, and was constantly moving around the room to ensure we each got attention.

When we all were in the swing of things, Sarah moved at a quicker pace, guiding us through a series that worked the core, back, and upper body. She even got a little inner thigh work in with this move! Everything was very fluid and very low impact on the joints. For days after, my trapezius muscles were super sore! My waist also felt really pulled in. Holding myself up in the silks was working my muscles so much harder than I realized at the time!

AIR has 3 locations in Chicago- River North, South Loop and Lincoln Park. They’re all conveniently located to public transit and have most class options before and after work, but also a few around lunchtime! Be ready to sweat and feel totally body-confident!

Bodysuit from Bodies By Mayah